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at least you lived to talk about it

Linda's LiveJournal

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Just another post-college kid wandering around trying to make it in this cold hard world. Perpetually going through a quarter-life crisis. Constantly juggling career decisions. Working in the dizzying and scary and wonderful entertainment industry. Tend to get whatever I want, though sometimes in unexpected ways. On good terms with the universe most of the time.


Buffy and Angel Pacey and Joey Edward and Bella Jason and Lyla Matt and Julie Nathan and Haley Lucas and Peyton Jim and Pam Ryan and Summer Bright and Hannah Jack and Ann Noah and Allie

Entourage. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Dawson's Creek. Everwood. Lost. The Office. 30 Rock. Friday Night Lights. Greek. The OC. Seinfeld. Family Guy.

Up in the Air. Avatar. Moulin Rouge. Serendipity. Romeo + Juliet. The Notebook. Stranger Than Fiction. King Kong. Casino Royale. Transformers. A Lot Like Love. National Treasure. High Fidelity. Say Anything. Mr Smith Goes to Washington. Speed.

Mae. Copeland. 311. Hoobastank. Incubus. Smashing Pumpkins. The Shins. The Postal Service. Rooney. Matchbook Romance. Oasis. Sublime. Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Phantom of the Opera. Les Miserables. The Scarlet Pimpernel. Wicked.

Sam Worthington. Chris Hemsworth. Tate Ellington. John Cusack. Mark Ruffalo. Ryan Gosling. Nicholas Cage. Dan Futterman. George Clooney. Joshua Jackson. Matthew Goode. Patrick Wilson. Daniel Craig. Scott Porter. James Marsden. Leonardo DiCaprio. Eric Bana.

Anna Kendrick. Kate Mara. Rooney Mara. Allison Miller. Emily Browning. Amy Adams. Jacinda Barrett. Olivia Wilde. Keri Russell. Diane Kruger. Kate Beckinsale. Rachel McAdams. Rachel Bilson. Emily Blunt. Anne Hathaway. Isla Fisher. Maggie Grace.

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